Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shaw's Trip

Here is my shopping for this week. My freezer is full and I will be making bread. I had a bunch of coupons I had been waiting to use at Shaw's. Here goes:

7 - Kiwi fruit @ 2/$1 = $3.50
1 - California Slaw reduced = $.99
1 - Lipton Cold Brew Ice Tea = $3.79
5 - Kraft 16 oz. Salad dressing psp $3.49 sale price $1.99 used 5- $1/1 coupons
4 - Planters Big Nut Bars psp $3.79 sale $1.99 used 4 -$1/1 coupons
4 - Hellman's Mayo 30 oz. psp$4.49 sale $2.49 used 4 -.75/1 coupons Doubled
1 - Lawry's Marinade psp $2.99 sale $1.99 used 1- .50/1 coupon Doubled
1 - Coffee Mate creamer psp $2.49 sale $1.99
1 - Hydrocortisone cream $2.29
6 - Viva paper towel single rolls $1.99 used 6 - .85/1 coupons Doubled
Total before sale and coupons = $78.56
Total after sale and coupons = 28.16

Luckily we have quite a bit of food in the fridge and in the pantry and freezer.

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Raspberries!

Here is my very proud son with some of his raspberry stash!


We picked these beauties this morning in Northfield, NH. We picked a brimming 8 pints. Boy was it hot! These will be made into my favorite raspberry jam tonight!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth! Ours was filled with fun family and fireworks. We saw fireworks two nights in a row. We went to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats on Saturday and the game was followed by a fabulous fireworks display put on by Atlas.

Last night we went to Meredith, NH to watch their town fireworks. We all had a great time!

Friday, October 23, 2009

New attitude

Okay, so here I am over a year since my last post. Not very successful was I? I am trying my hand at this again. I have been following other blogs and I find myself completely addicted to them. I follow BargainBecky.blogspot.com and moneysavingmaineac.com daily. At first I was truly amazed at all the money they saved and thought that I could never do anything even close to that. I kept reading however and that lead to me printing my own coupons and buying multiple Sunday papers and now, yes, even I am saving money like crazy! I got over $50 worth of groceries during one trip to Shaw's this week for only $9 and walked out with $24 OYNP in my pocket. My best trip by far. I live in Northern NH and I have access to Shaws, Hannaford, and Market Basket. I am also learning the tricks of shopping at Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS. My trip to Walgreens this week netted me a ton of cold medicine, deodorant, Chex Mix, razors and the like and I only paid $17. Amazing! Once I get this blog thing figured out I will add pictures as well. Thanks you guys for inspiring me!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New to This

Okay, so now that it is 2008, I have decided to try this blog thing out. My DS, who is 21 and just got married does this all the time. Me I have trouble putting things on paper. I am trying this out though in a effort to get my feelings out and maybe meet some new people.

I am so glad the holidays are over. It seems like I have been on warp speed since before Halloween. Christmas was supposed to be laid back this year because of the wedding but once again it was not. I did manage to cut out a few things after listening to Pastor Scott on Sunday talk about missing out on the joy of Christmas. Sitting there I thought, "Why do I do this to myself?" Does anyone even care that I go to all the trouble? I went home and took the afternoon off. I even took a nap! It felt so great. I have never been one to go crazy shopping, I have the present thing well under control. For me the challenge is making all the special holiday foods that I think my family can't live without. In reality, they can live without them. I just need to realize that I am not a bad mother if everything is not up to my standards.

In contrast, the wedding was laid back. I guess that's the difference between a son and a daughter getting married. A son is so much simpler. Praise God for that!

Tomorrow I start my organization project for the new year! Hopefully it helps keep things less cluttered? How do people keep up with everything? I resolve to do a better job this year mainly to reduce my stress on a day to day basis, so I don't see things waiting to be done every where. Wish me luck!