Friday, October 23, 2009

New attitude

Okay, so here I am over a year since my last post. Not very successful was I? I am trying my hand at this again. I have been following other blogs and I find myself completely addicted to them. I follow and daily. At first I was truly amazed at all the money they saved and thought that I could never do anything even close to that. I kept reading however and that lead to me printing my own coupons and buying multiple Sunday papers and now, yes, even I am saving money like crazy! I got over $50 worth of groceries during one trip to Shaw's this week for only $9 and walked out with $24 OYNP in my pocket. My best trip by far. I live in Northern NH and I have access to Shaws, Hannaford, and Market Basket. I am also learning the tricks of shopping at Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS. My trip to Walgreens this week netted me a ton of cold medicine, deodorant, Chex Mix, razors and the like and I only paid $17. Amazing! Once I get this blog thing figured out I will add pictures as well. Thanks you guys for inspiring me!